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  • Cung cấp thiết bị Huawei NECM000HSA00 NetEngine Series NE05E Routers.
  • NE05E-SG 12G System, DC, 4 * Gigabit Ethernet ports, 4*GE/FE Combo, Passive cold,-40~65degC.
  • Hàng chính hãng 100%, bảo hành 12 tháng.
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Tổng quan về Huawei NECM000HSA00 NetEngine Series NE05E Routers

Huawei NetEngine NE05E-SG series Mid-range Service router NECM000HSA00 provides 12Gbps System bandwidth,4 * Gigabit Ethernet Optical ports,4 * GE ports,4*Gigabit Ethernet Combo(RJ-45 or SFP) with DC power supply. The NetEngine05E series router is cloud service architecture design oriented, large cache to ensure the best service experience; IP pipeline firmness and flexibility, support IP soft pipes for statistical multiplexing to improve resource efficiency and IP hard pipe exclusive resources to ensure the best customer experience.

Huawei NECM000HSA00 NetEngine Series NE05E Routers
Huawei NECM000HSA00 NetEngine Series NE05E Routers

The NE05E NECM000HSA00 router supports innovative IP hard pipe technology, providing high-quality IP leased line solutions through hardware strict isolation to ensure that bandwidth of hard pipe is not to be seize, to achieve rigid pipe similar to SDH, while using detection technology to achieve flow level service quality perceived through the network and traffic provides graphical display, real-time monitoring of business operating conditions, IP line service can be controllable, manageable and visible.

Thông số kỹ thuật Huawei NECM000HSA00 NetEngine Series NE05E Routers

Forwarding Capacity (IPv4/IPv6) 24 Gbit/s
Forwarding Capability (IMIX) 17.856 Mpps
Interfaces 4 x GE/FE(O) + 4 x GE/FE(E) + 4 x GE/FE Combo
Clock 1588 V2, ACR, E1 line clock, and sync clock
Power COM 27.56W
Voltage -38.4V to -72V DC

100V to 240V AC

Slots 0
Dimensions (H x W x D) 44.45 mm x 442 mm x 220 mm (1U)
Weight 4 kg
Operating Temperature -40°C to 65°C
Humidity 5% RH to 95% RH, non-condensing

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