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Intel X540-T2 Dual Port 10GBaseT Ethernet Network Adapter – OEM


The Intel X520 and X540 adapters have the following features:

Load balancing on multiple processors, which increases performance on multiprocessor systems by efficiently balancing network loads across processor cores when used with Receive Side Scaling from Microsoft or Scalable I/O on Linux.

Header Splits and Replication in Receive helps the driver focus on the relevant part of the packet without needing to parse it.

Multiple queues allow packet handling without the waiting/buffer overflow, which provides efficient packet prioritization.

Storage offloads: The ThinkServer adapters listed in Table 2 support the following storage protocols:

FCoE (Data Center Bridging DCB, Converged Enhanced Ethernet CEE)


The X520 OCP adapter for the sd350 supports iSCSI but does not support FCoE. System x servers support iSCSI boot as a software iSCSI initiator.

Offload features:

IP, TCP, and UDP checksum offload (IPv4 and IPv6)

TCP segmentation/large send offload (IPv4 and IPv6)

IPsec offload

MACsec offload

Receive Side Scaling for Windows and Scalable I/O for Linux (IPv4, IPv6, and TCP/ UDP)

Support for Intel Virtualization Technology (VT) with I/OAT and VMDq.

IEEE 802.1Q VLAN support with VLAN tag insertion, with stripping and packet filtering for up to 4096 VLAN tags.

IEEE 802.3x flow control support.

IEEE 802.1p Class of Service/Quality of Service.

Support for Advanced Packet Filtering.

Jumbo frames support (up to 9,500 bytes).

Support for both UEFI and PXE boot.

Teaming support:

Adapter Fault Tolerance (AFT)

Switch Fault Tolerance (SFT)

Adaptive Load Balancing (ALB)

Virtual Machine Load Balancing (VMLB)

IEEE 802.3ad (link aggregation control protocol)

Intel PROSet Utility for easy configuration and management.

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